Peggy Sue

We really love Peggy Sue. If they were a type of food, they’d be a juicy hamburger on a podium surrounded by classy felines. Or something. Here are a few videos from the summer:


Sea of Bees

Jules and Amber, aka Sea Of Bees, treated us to their last UK performance in a incredibly triumphant year of touring in support of debut record ‘Song For The Ravens’, released this year in the UK by Heavenly Records. The duo had the 300 strong audience listening attentively, and they undoubtedly walked away with some new fans at the end of the set (which included a spectacular rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies no less).

This is one of our favourite busks we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on. Lots of love to Sea of Bees.

NEW BUSK : Sunday December 4th

BANDSTAND BUSKING presents A December Hullabalooooooo
4th December 2011 at Arnold Circus Bandstand, E2

I know we said we weren’t doing any more this year but well, we were wrong. The chance to do one final busk of 2011 with two very wonderful bands came up and we couldn’t say no.

Forest Fire – 1.30pm ::
The Lampshades – 2.15pm ::

Wrap up warm and cosy. Hope to see you there!

Let us know you’re coming on Facebook and holla at our twitter @bandstandbusks.

Bandstand Busking is seeking an enthusiastic filmmaker to join our team.
For more information contact: [email protected].