Of Montreal

With pressure from the park wardens Of Montreal brought sat in deck chairs and performed ID Engager, Heidalmsgate Like A Promethean Curse, An Eluardian Instance.      

We Were Promised Jetpacks

The closed Brighton bandstand meant we ended up busking amongst the pleasure beach rides.          

The Acorn in Brighton

Brighton bandstand was closed when we arrived so we took to the windy beach instead – it made for some memorable busks.      

The Wave Pictures

Watch David’s Evening On Wheels, Blue Harbour and Blind Drunk by The Wave Pictures at Arnold Circus.      

Frightened Rabbit

Watch Poke, I Feel Better and Backwards Walk performed by Frightened Rabbit on Hampstead Heath.       Watch all our videos on our Bandstand Busking YouTube channel: Watch our Frightened Rabbit Busks playlist

David Karsten Daniels

Watch Universe Of No Parts, Martha Ann, Come Up by David Karsten Daniels at Lincoln’s Inn Field.      

Laura Groves

Watch Coast, I Am Leaving and Bridges by Laura Groves at Victoria Park.      

Wild Beasts

Mercury nominated Wild Beasts gave us an acoustic blast of The Old Dog, Cheerio Chaps, Cheerio Goodbye and Brave Bulging Boutant Clairvoyants at Northampton Square.      

Wet Paint

Wet Paint performed Save The Whale, Melon’s Teeth and Hug It Out at Arnold Circus.      

Stars of Sunday League

Our first ever busk saw Stars of Sunday League perform some of his soft scottish gems.