Tom Brosseau

Tom Brosseau performs Cradle Your Device, Take Fountain and Running from Zombies live and acoustic at Arnold Circus Bandstand in Shoreditch, London for Bandstand Busking.


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Basia Bulat

Basia Bulat plays acoustic versions of It Can’t Be You, Wires, Hush and Gold Rush for Bandstand Busking in the sunshine of Northampton Square bandstand, London.


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People said you can’t have a Bandstand Busk at this time of year… ‘YOU’RE DREAMERS GUYS’ they said, well Tasseomancy came and played a beautiful set, and someone brought a Basset Hound. So I’m glad that those who Bandstand Busk dare to dream. Merry Christmas, we have a few gifts, why not share one with a friend to show you care.



I don’t think we’ve ever counted how many bands we’ve had come along to do a busk, but hands down Ichi was the most wonderfully bemusing. A complete joy to behold, watch Ichi performing three of his completely original jams below.

Luke Sital-Singh

Remember sunny days gone by…

Luke Sital-Singh performed a few tracks under Northampton Square bandstand this past September, watch ‘Honest Man’, ‘Bottled Up Tight’ and ‘Fail For You’ below.

For more from Luke, visit his dotcom.

Woodpecker Wooliams

Welcome to the birdhouse, with Woodpecker Wooliams!

We were delighted to have the Brightonian perform with an impressive array of pedals and machines in Northampton Square bandstand, three cuts from the busk below – ‘Sparrow’, ‘Crow’ and ‘Dove’.

Woodpecker Wooliams website.

The Mariner’s Children

The Mariner’s Children performed ‘Sycamore’, ‘Blood’ and ‘Wolves Within The Woods for a crowd at Northampton Square Bandstand in Islington on a fading summer’s afternoon. Beautiful.

The Mariner’s Children on Facebook.


of Montreal

We were utterly delighted to have of Montreal back for a low key last minute busk in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Despite only announcing mere hours before the main event, an eager crowd gathered nonetheless and listened to Kevin Barnes & co perform his ever weird pop songs. Brilliant.

Watch the busk below:

Sea of Bees

Sea of Bees joined us to perform a few of the songs from the new album – Orangefarben. A delight to match the sunny busk last summer.


Here We Go Magic

What’s better than a busk with Here We Go Magic? That’s right, a busk with Here We Go Magic and a husky dog. Have you ever met anyone who does not like a husky dog? Don’t trust ’em!

Watch below for some HWGM action:

Alone But Moving


How Do I Know


Make up your mind